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Gunbot V Anniversary Futures Tournament 2021

Gunbot V Anniversary Futures Tournament 2021

Are you ready for another round? Join the Gunbot V Anniversary tournament that will start tonight.

Special bonus: Let’s reach at least 100 participants and we double the Jackpot!

Gunbot Tournaments is the greatest opportunity to improve yourself as a trader and share profitable strategies with the biggest traders of our community and earn some great money if you can beat the best traders.

The Exchanges included in the new tournaments this month are:

Gunbot V Anniversary Futures Tournament 2021 Rules

– This month, Gunbot users can join one of the sponsored exchanges and win up to 10,000 USD and a massive 100,000 GUNTHY tokens.

The unlocked prize will be distributed to qualified users that will reach the highest PNL % at spot markets, as follows:

How to join the Gunbot Tournament:

How to opt-in for the Tournament – Configuring your Gunbot

On-Going Gunbot Tournaments March 2021 1

“Make sure to give your bot a unique nickname, and this will only appear on the tournament leader board.”

If you run multiple bot instances and want all of them to participate in a tournament, number your instance nicknames like this: TraderNickname_1, TraderNickname_2, TraderNickname_3. They will automatically get aggregated to a single leaderboard entry at the end of the tournament.

Don’t Forget to Grab your Gunbot License if you don’t have one to participate in the tournament.

Good luck in the Gunbot V anniversary tournament & c-u soon.

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